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Using ctags in vim

Previously, I shared a method to have git create a ctags file for you. Now we need to use our tags.

Using ctags in vim from Bryan Liles on Vimeo.

Not-so-complete cheat sheet:

^] – find a tag

^T – go backwards

:tags – show where you’ve been

:tag – go somewhere in your tag stack

:tselect or g] – show where something is referenced

^W-] – find a tag in a split window

You can also have a look at the vim help by running:
help :tags

  • shingara

    It's really awesome. but I have some issue. It's seem can't works with method with ? into like admin?

    Have you an idea what's happen ?

  • bryanl

    This most likely means your vim-ruby configuration isn't up to date. Either get the latest from or you can start watching my vim config at