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  • nofun

    not so funny….

  • bryanl


  • Zach

    This is hilarious.

  • Jan

    lol bryan, that's funny :D
    A little bit to hard not getting distracted, if you understand the german. But for my standup tomorrow, it seems that I have to be more agile, to rule the world with our killer application :)

    Best from Berlin Hauptquartier!

  • rimini

    haha! sometimes i feel like agile hitler too

  • Nimish

    lol , funny :-D

  • davidrivers

    OMFG that was…nvmind, I can't really describe how…

  • Robert Dempsey

    That video is freaking hilarious. And please continue to pound TATFT into the heads of everyone you meet. Great seeing you at Barcamp Philly Bryan. Hope to see more of you, but not in that way. nm…

  • Führer

    Utilisierten sie das TDD oder ich knall' die gleich eine!