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Back from summer vacation

So, I decided to give the blogging a bit of a break for the past few months. I wish i could say it was due to laziness, but unfortunately it was not. There have been so many changes lately, and really I was just soaking the changes up rather than ranting here ;)

The first change is I took over web development at They even put my name on the website. (I’m so honored). With the new job came a bunch of new responsibilities. I finally have my head above water and can truthfully report that we have some awesome features and integrations in the pipeline. I’ve also been allowed to hire a great team. More news on them in a future blog post.

The next change is that wife and I had a house built. I haven’t lived in a new (not new-to-me) house since I’ve been a little kid, and I’m pretty excited about that as well. Nine more days and we are gone. I remember through out my 20s that moving was a simple thing. You just packed and you moved. Now in the days with kids and lots of stuff, moving is much more of a challenge. The crappy thing is I’m moving into a house with no cable or fios access for the first couple of weeks. (I sure hope verizon is wrong about that)

So, now what is next for me and I have some plans. The first thing is I haven’t forgotten about my “You’re doing it wrong” podcast. To get things started, I’m giving the introductory talk next month at Bmore on Rails. I wanted to move into the new house before making any more audio or video recordings. This also means once I move the #geekvid and other screencasts will return as well. I’m speaking at the Latin America Rails Summit inn Sao Palo, Brazil sometime in the middle of October. I’m sure I’ll be at RubyConf as well in November.

So… is back in business. I’m sure you missed it as much as I did.

  • Pat Maddox

    hey B congrats on the new gig and digs. Looking forward to more smartcasts.

    p.s. the link to groupsite is relative to and 404's

  • pius

    I was wondering what happened to you! Congrats on everything.