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10 developer skills needed in 2010

  • 1. Being able to create lists

    Nothing says I know what I’m doing like creating a list of 10-25 items that are mostly bullshit.

  • 2. Arguing on the Internet

    It is sad stereotype. But arguing on the Internet is valid skill. And no one knows right like you do.

  • 3. Reading RSS feeds

    Why create stuff when you can read about stuff instead?

  • 4. Creating another useless project

    Of course we need another test framework in ruby. Get to hacking.

  • 5. Chest pounding about your favorite new programming language

    +++ +++ +++ +          
        > +++ +++ +             
        > +++ +++ +++ +          
        > +++                   
        > +                    
        < << < -                
    >++ .                
    +++ +++ +.             
    +++ .                   
    >++ .                   
    < <+ +++ +++ +++ +++ ++.
    +++ .                  
    --- --- .              
    --- --- --.             

    This is “Hello World” in BrainFuck, but you already knew that.

  • 6. Know how to create that next great social site

    Realtime collaboration of me showering in 2010. I know you can’t wait to create the next great mashup using my JSON API, Facebook and Twitter integration.

  • 7. Plan that great conference of just hallway tracks

    You and I both know this is where the real meat of the conference is. Why don’t we just cut to the chase?

  • 8. Pico

    Screw Vim, Textmate, or Emacs. If it is good enough for Pine, it should be good enough for you.

  • 9. Ego Surfing

    How long do you spend everyday searching for your name on Google? Work on cutting it down to half with twice the output.

  • 10. Ability to work more than 21 hours everyday

    Sleep is overrated. Imagine how may more lists you create if you slept less.

  • Sean Soper

    Make your Google Latitude public and consider No. 6 done.

  • TomK32

    I'm not sure about the last point, I'll try hard to work 10 hours a day but right now I'm more around the 7 hours mark. Maybe if I put more work into my social network that I'll put online 2011 I can make it 11 hours. But that's the max. I need me super-fun-time (at the pub).

  • TomK32

    Oh, and we need something that makes Rack simplier!

  • Professor Sideburns

    They call it nano now, GET FAMILIAR

  • dndrnkrd

    I'm not one to argue on the Internet, but shouldn't you be exposing a SOAP API for your showering app?

  • Guille

    I need to add these ideas to my current list of things to do.

  • pjb3

    Since I've already written a ruby test framework, I'm going to write program in Factor using pico that generates a list that refutes all of your points and put it on an RSS feed on my social networking site after googling myself for 21 hours in the hallway of RailsConf.

  • nevans

    pico?! surely you meant “ed”. ed is the standard text editor. When I edit text, I just want an EDitor!! Not a “viitor”, not an “emacsitor”, not a “picoitor”. Those aren't even words!

  • bryanl

    ed? why would i use that? that requires work. 2010 is all about bringing lazy back.

  • Carl

    Or how many more test frameworks you could make! Or Lists of test frameworks! Two birds, one stone!

  • JakeJBlues

    Thx…. I only wanted to say “Good Bye” Project Management in 2010 :-D

  • Derek Neighbors

    This was hilarious. So good that it's difficult to tell which is the most funny. I think the pico editor takes the cake. Thanks for brightening my evening.